Add a Quirky Touch to Your Home with These Personalised Home Items

Have you ever felt like your house is too dull or boring? Or perhaps you’re looking for something interesting to brighten up your usual day-to-day life whenever you arrive home? Well, look no further because you came to the right place! Here at Girls That Print, we offer a variety of fun and unique personalised home items that will surely be a great addition to your humble abode.

Not only will it give extra spice to your dwelling place but it will also improve your motivation to jumpstart your day with a smile as you take a glimpse of your favorite customised home items.       

Home, after all, is a place of comfort and solitude. It is our personal space where our individualities are molded the day we are born. Who wouldn’t want to see a piece of themselves when they walk in their lodging place right?

What’s even amazing is that personalised home items from Girls That Print can serve as custom gifts you can give to your loved ones on any occasion! Isn’t it awesome?


Custom Gifts

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect present, why not consider purchasing custom gifts?

You’ll be surprised how much gratification you can make someone feel by going the extra mile in giving them personalised items. I mean what’s not to love?

Custom gifts are a perfect way to show your appreciation to that special someone. Gone shall be the days of those old generic presents and the inevitable level of stress for not being able to provide a satisfactory package to your beloved.  

As we all know, custom gifts express how much thought you have put into choosing a gift. To have a personalised gift for the recipient shows the care you allotted for your choice. Not to mention, custom gifts suit any occasion. You can never go wrong with personalised items whether it’s for weddings, birthdays, or any event! They’re always a perfect present any recipient would love to receive.

With these in mind, here are some quirky personalised home items or custom gift materials from that will definitely excite your lucky giftee!


Custom Coaster 

“It’s the thought that counts…”

A custom coaster is undeniably a faultless material to get hold of especially when it’s for coffee lovers who are crazy for the coolness and the aesthetic feature it brings to their coffee tables. 

Imagine these items appearing neatly stacked, ready to be showcased to your guests with your beverage. They’re not only useful but often extra special when they become worthy of display.

If you think about it, coasters are a good investment, as they exceptionally provide that transformation from “decent” to “fashionable,” matching the interiors of your home.

Personalised coasters are trendy, timeless, classic, bold, and fun to have! They speak volumes and tell you so much about your personality. They are great conversation starters with their customized designs. Needless to say, they undoubtedly give off “a statement” that embodies merit despite their cute miniature sizes.

It’s not only for your home. Purchasing customised gifts will materialise that personal connection you have with your recipient, strengthening and celebrating your relationship with them in more ways than one. 

Here at Girls That Print, we have coasters that come in a pack of 4. Pick between round or square and send us your desired designs for you and your loved ones!


Personalised Custom Plate

Add a quirky touch to your home with personalised plates. From an extensive variety of styles, along with the cute and fun stuff that your heart desires — Girls That Print got that covered!

Sturdy enough for daily use, yet exquisite enough to be a family keepsake, you’ll enjoy it more than anything. Essentially, gatherings at home are a memorable sanctity where people round-up at the table and enjoy the feast. This get-together can become more special with the plates custom designed by you.

Your table together with your customised plates will surely radiate with personality. Whether it’s for a wedding, housewarming, or any significant celebrations, custom plates won’t betray.

Refined for momentous occasions or used for home decors — filled with both practicality and a whiff of creativity, personalised custom plates are indeed superb gifts to have. 


Custom Apron

A personalized gift shows how much you know the person and it displays the extent of your efforts in making sure that they would love and cherish that present of yours. They’re valuable, and if you know them well, it might just be the most important gift they received out of all.

Such is true if you take a look at the custom apron of Girls That Print. To receive a personalised apron for a person who loves to cook or bake is truly divine!

It’s not only cute and sentimental but it oozes positive energy that allows them to activate their love for cooking even more.

Customised aprons encourage excitement and a lively attitude towards chores and life in general. 


Custom Puzzle 

Don’t you just love it when you see or receive a captivating custom puzzle that you can playfully place anywhere near the corners of your home?

Photo puzzles are ideal for home decorations and gifts you can give to your close friends. They bring a hint of surprise encouraging close interactions as you assemble them together.

Not only is it a fun gift, but it also invites interest towards visitors as you show it off at home.

Most of all, personalised puzzles, just like any other presents, bring forth sentimental value. They’re suitable for all ages and genders because honestly, let’s face it, buying gifts for someone that’s not the same age or gender as you and whom you don’t know very well may prove to be difficult. 

However, with personalised puzzles from Girls That Print, it will save you trouble and even feasibly pave the way to the best gift you can offer to that lucky someone.


Custom Stubby Holder 

Who wouldn’t fall for the ever-humble custom stubby holder? If you are someone who likes beverages more than anything, this item might just be for you.

Personalized stubby holders from Girls That Print will give you an array of opportunities to innovate and plant a part of your identity to your desired stubby holder.

It’s great to have for wedding ceremonies, sports exercises, parties, and other celebrations. Although it’s regularly used by beer drinkers, you can still utilize them to hold and show off soft drinks or whatever beverages you have on any given occasion, even at the comforts of your home!

Giving it as a gift is also supreme and it certainly won’t disappoint.



Next time you go out to shop for that perfect gift or home item you want as decoration to your rooms or walls, consider how you can make it relevant and special to the recipient and your interests as well.

Whether you are buying from a stack of coasters for your home to a stubby holder for a co-worker, having the item personalised in some way will, without fail, make it all the more special to you and them.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Girls that’s amazing variety of customised items and enjoy expressing your identity like no other!