Creative and Fun Design Ideas for Your Custom Drink Coasters


Imagine an ultra-fine weather with radiant summer skies. For some, it’s an ordinary day, for others, it’s a special event, and as for you, it might be the day where you have important guests coming over…

Think. Imagine. Visualize. How do you make a day extra special? How do you leave an impactful presence to your bosses, customers, friends, or loved ones?

Well, courtesy and gestures are one thing but having custom drink coasters that injects a dose of fun, initiates playful conversation, and provides an opportunity for your creativity to flourish is in a whole different league.


Custom Drink Coasters

Custom drink coasters are your reliable custom coasters that not only protect surface furniture from spills, stain, and hot and cold temperature, but it’s also a great conversation starter, a perfect customised gift, a remarkable item for promotional marketing, and an incredible way to show off the little details and efforts you put into your properties.

Custom bar coasters can amaze people with their functionality and decorative features. It brightens up ordinary days and makes them extra special, especially if you are someone who likes to sip on their favorite beverage first thing in the morning.

To witness personalised coasters that you customised yourself incite positive vibes and the same goes for people who receive custom drink coasters as gifts.

Obtaining a design that resonates with their individuality is truly an honor and a powerful mood booster.


So, if this piqued your interest, then stick with us as we explore Creative and Fun Design Ideas for Your Custom Drink Coasters.


Creating Your Own Coasters

We, at Girls That Print, can smoothly customise your desired drink coaster design and stretch it to its maximum potential, providing you top-quality aesthetic products at an affordable rate.

However, if you haven’t decided on a specific design you want to work on yet, here are some design ideas you can take home.



Photo Coasters

Visuals are undoubtedly the best design you can plaster on your coasters. May it be the funny pictures of your friends, the branding logo of your business, the photo of your pet, images of your family and loved ones — the possibilities are truly endless!

Photo coasters provide a stunning reputation. Depends on how it is displayed, when done right, it can strengthen and liven up conversations as well as become a form of entertainment for people while drinking.

This design is also versatile when it comes to marketing your business. If you run a restaurant, milk tea, or coffee shop, this custom drink coaster will enhance and build your work transactions and power up the foundation and reputation of your business through coaster logos or funny coaster graphics.


Name Coasters

Words are powerful.

Language is the “new supremacy”.

The name coaster design is an influential method to market your business. You can imprint your signature tagline, business contacts, and address, even a brief history of your brand will make it more persuasive, including contest giveaways, promotions, and the like.

This widens the scope of your brand. It’s also an ingenious way to make communication easier for customers when reaching out to you.

Apart from business benefits, utilising this design for personal use or as a present for someone is another track you can side on.

Engrave your name or the name of your loved ones, plaster the initials of the bride and groom (as a wedding present), or imprint the lines and quotes from your favorite author or movies — these artistic benefits are widely open for you to tinker on.


Artsy Coasters

Embark on a fun journey with some artistic coaster designs. Design them however you want. May it be a doodle art, floral design, vintage or classic feels, or base it off from famous paintings — our company can make it happen.

Artsy coasters are perfect as a home item decorative with their corresponding practicality and functions.

Gift it to yourself or your friends. Display and use it as a brand item booster. Show off your uniqueness and creativity, we got you all covered!


Mandala Designs

Did you know? A mandala design is a therapeutic art. With its geometric pattern and balanced visual elements, it reduces anxiety, depression, and overall stress.

This design is popular in a lot of cultures embodying spiritual and psychic tranquility.

Giving a mandala-designed coaster to your loved ones will let them know you care about them and that you take their mental health on top of your mind.

So, if you want to bring your coaster design to the next level, mandala design is the way to go!


Colored Coaster

However, if you want to keep it plain and simple, then you can decorate your coaster with a touch of color according to your liking.

Colors are great communicators too, you know. Have fun matching colored coasters with your mood or house interior!

Grey, Pink, rose gold, etc. — a mixture of various colors, striped, or combined — can exude simple, elegant, professional, and neat-looking vibes perfect for everyday use.

Make designing easier with Girls That Print. Whatever shade of color you fancy, our company will surely deliver.


Event/Party Coasters

These event coasters are designed for special occasions: Christmas design for Christmas celebrations, Wedding design for wedding events, spiritual designs for religious occasions, party coasters for Birthday parties, and a lot more!

This type of design is a perfect fit for event giveaways and gifts you offer during notable holidays.

We provide such a wide array of designs. You can just let us know what event it is for, what designs you wish to create, and we’ll serve you that on a silver platter.


Final Thoughts

We really think custom drink coasters spike up ordinary days and magnify special events making it more fun and entertaining among the social circle.

Aside from furniture protection, it’ll also improve how you serve drinks to your guests, earning you compliments you didn’t even ask for!

Girls That Print is imbued with professional designers that can help you bring to life your personalised drink coaster design so if you want to amp up your disposition and showcase your individuality and creativity, you may contact us — let’s get started.