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custom polo shirts

Classic. Trendy. Stylish.

Polo shirts are simple yet timeless pieces of clothing. They are, without a doubt, hard to beat since they can pretty much fit with anything!

As a classier substitute to the run-of-the-mill T-shirts, polo shirts can be easily worn on any occasion.

Through its distinctive collar, buttons, and permeable fabric, it’s an item that’s sure to spice up your fashion sense, just by adding a few accessories or back-up tops to complement it.

With the help of the modern era, polo shirt designs have significantly improved for the better. There are custom polo shirts everywhere, which you can purchase to level up your A-game.

So, whether it’s hot or cold, polo shirts will certainly offer you a classy and timeless get-up look.


A Brief History

But before anything else, how exactly did polo shirts come to be?

A polo shirt is a “short-sleeved, soft-collared shirt with 2 or 3 front buttons.” Any buttonless shirts, round necks, and rock bands are T-shirts, so polo shirts are still technically T-shirts.

The reason why it’s called “polo shirt” has something to do with its history.

It all began with Rene Lacoste, the famous French tennis player. He didn’t find Oxford’s full-sleeved and stiff-collared shirt comfortable in his sporting ventures.

So he decided to design a soft-collared, loosely-cut, sweat-absorbing shirt which became an inspiration to the Lacoste brand, hence the name.

Since then, the term “polo” shirt began to rise because most people who often wear it are polo players. The name got stuck throughout history and is used even up to this day.


Timeless Wardrobe

While polo shirts originated from sports encounters, you don’t have to be an athlete (golfer or tennis player) to be able to wear one, silly.

Polo shirts are simply perfect for any weather! They’re timeless and they never stray far from the trend.

In the 1950s, they were used as a convenient alternative to lengthy dresses. However, they continuously evolved into the classic wardrobe that both men and women wear now.

They are ideal for hot weather because they contain remarkable sweat absorption fabric that allows one to feel fresh for hours.

Despite this item being heavily associated with hot temperature, they’re also perfectly comfortable to wear during cold ones.

Adaptability is one of the key advantages of polo shirts.


Color Perfect

Maroon, black, white, pastel and navy are classic polo shirt colors. Brown, coffee, tan, and beige are also a great selection!

I can’t stress enough how important color choices are for the polo shirt you’ll decide to have.

It goes without saying that polo shirts, with their variety of colors, are ready to fit your preferences, may it be according to your skin tone, hair color, or eye color.

It’s hard to find a bad color for polo shirts.



Suits with Any Style

Polo shirts are perfect for any occasion! Either you prefer to wear them during formal or informal events — polo shirts will always have a place for whatever milestones in your life.

If you’re going for a formal look, choose a solid polo shirt. If you want to wear blazers on top, opt for a solid polo in one of the classic colors.

If it’s an informal event, consider striped polo shirts. Horizontal stripes are the most common design pattern for this type of shirt. They can be an awesome replacement for round-neck T-shirts.

Having said that, if you want it as a present for your loved ones, try custom polo shirts at Girls That Print. They offer top-quality custom-made designs of polo shirts that will undeniably delight both you and your recipient.


Wearing polo shirts

There are a different variety of polo shirt styles, just as much as there is a variety of ways you can wear them.

Classic Cotton Polo Shirts

This apparel is a traditional style. You can wear them for casual and smart casual occasions. Make sure the buttons aren’t positioned too low so they won’t appear like a V-neck shirt. More importantly, choose a polo shirt that fits your style.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

This style proves that polo shirts aren’t only limited to summer or hot weather. They’re also perfect when the mercury drops.

Wear them for a casual feel and consider pairing them up with chinos, sneakers, and a leather jacket. It’s a classy and timeless combo that will look great on anyone.

Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

This piece of wardrobe will look great for fit people. Show off your muscles with a short-sleeved polo shirt. Combine them with jeans, chinos, or suit pants. Put on a blazer on top. Pair them with loafers, or keep it chill with sneakers and jeans. 

Knitted Polo Shirts

They’re immaculate for both warmer and colder months. Fashioned from cotton or wool, they give a soft and cushy feeling which is awesome to wear at any time!

To wear a polo shirt, remember these things:

  • To exude a polished and classy look, keep the top buttons done up
  • Pick the right size for you. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Make sure you can comfortably move around.
  • Tuck a polo shirt into your pants if you’re attending formal events.
  • Adding a blazer to your outfit of the day (OOTD) is always something you can try to slay.

Custom Polo Shirts

Out of all the polo shirts in style, custom polo shirts are totally the best kind. They’re unique, comfortable, calming, creative, and fun!

Wearing them is one thing but offering them as gifts is a different story.

Personalised polo shirts add glimmer to plain shirts. They give off vibrancy and distinctiveness that are both therapeutic and optimistic in a way.

Custom logo polo shirts are also flawlessly professional and downright ideal, especially for companies or workplaces. Having a sense of belongingness and identity recognition among the uniformed employees, promote a potential harmony among the workers.

Where to buy it?

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