Discover These 5 Custom Gifts To Make Your Loved One Feel Special

Did you know that there are five languages of love? These are acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time and gift-giving. But today, we are going to explore the fifth language of love, which is the act of gift-giving. 

If you or your loved one’s love language is giving and receiving gifts, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you will discover the best type of gift to give your loved ones today, no matter what the occasion is. Imagine the look of joy and appreciation on their faces when they’re caught by surprise, receiving such a thoughtful gift. 

You can give gifts for a variety of reasons. You can give gifts during the holidays and occasions. When you feel sorry and you want your apology to feel more sincere, adding a gift into the mix might be the solution. You can also give gifts to congratulate or express your true emotions. 

Indeed, it’s not always about how expensive your gift is. Most of the times, people care more about how much thought and love you’ve put into the gift you’re giving. In that aspect,  not all gifts are created equal. There is a specific type of gift that’s proven far more superior to others. Can you guess what gift am I talking about?  I’m talking about custom gifts.


Custom Gifts are the Perfect Gifts  

Whether it’s a friend who’s moving to another region, a family member celebrating a birthday, a co-worker who’s retiring, or you and your partner celebrating your anniversary, giving gifts is one way to make them feel special. Giving gifts can be as simple as buying them new clothes or new shoes. But, if you’re one of those who want to have a warmer and more thoughtful approach to gift-giving, then custom gifts might be the best one for you. 

You see, more people appreciate personalised gifts more than generic ones. Why? Because it shows that you’ve given them much thought. It shows that you’ve been thinking of them, and it’s enough to make them feel special and cared for. It creates a special and personal connection generic gifts cannot. Sometimes these are the kind of gifts and memories that they’ll treasure forever. Here are some of the best custom gifts you can give your loved ones today.


Custom Box that Pops

If you’ve been searching for a thoughtful gift, then this custom box that pops might be the one for you. It is a box with a unique pop design and decoration. You can put some special and sentimental things inside, whether it’s a love letter or a heartfelt message. Experience the warmth of nostalgia by putting your photos together. And if you’re loved one is fond of sweets, then put his/her favourite chocolates inside.  It also adds the element of surprise, as it pops open to show all your heartfelt love and sentiments inside.


Custom A4 Puzzle

Solving puzzles can be a meditative activity. It can help people improve their mood, lower stress levels and improve their cognitive abilities. If your loved one is fond of brain exercises, then this Custom A4 Puzzle is perfect for you.  It’s made of 120 pieces of puzzle disassembled in a small cardboard box. On top, you’ll see the image sticker of the image on the puzzle. What’s even more exciting is you get to choose memory or a picture you’d want them to remember forever. Picture their excitement as they solve this puzzle and realize that it’s a memory you both cherish together. It’s more than a pleasant surprise and a satisfying reward for solving a puzzle. 


Custom Image Phone Case

Everyone has a cellphone, even your special someone. If they have a phone, then they will be needing a phone case. Without one, they could break or shatter their glass screen every time they accidentally drop it. Hence, a phone case is important in helping them maintain their phone for a long time, protecting it from scratches and impact. But let’s take it up one level higher. What if you can give them a phone case that’ll preserve a special memory forever? This custom image phone case lets you choose a special memory, and turn them into a special phone case. It’s a practical and sentimental gift that’s perfect for your special someone. 


Custom Wine Bottle Label

Wine has become a symbol of prestige, wealth and integrity. Gift your family and friends the drink of the gods. Give them the symbolic gift of happiness to express that you’ve found your time together joyful. 

What’s so great about wines as gifts is that it’s perfect for people you don’t know on an intimate level. Whether they are new business partners or new acquaintances, anyone can appreciate wine as a gift. With a custom wine bottle label, express your style by choosing your colours, sizes, patterns, photos and design. They are just the perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, bachelor parties and wedding ceremonies.


Custom Face Socks

This one is an ice breaker! Imagine the smile and laughter on his/her face when she/he sees a familiar face on these socks. Custom face socks surely beat the boring plain socks most people have. Nothing beats pure happiness and joy this gift brings. 

Giving gifts is one way to make someone feels special and appreciated. In that aspect, giving custom gifts is your way of saying you’ve thought of them. Aside from brightening up their day and putting smiles on their faces, deciding to give custom gifts over generic ones make gift-giving easy and far more exciting. 

If you’re ready to make someone feel special, get your customised gifts from our store today.