Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Own Custom Printed Phone Cases


Do you still use run-of-the-mill phone cases? If you’re reading this, now is the time to have a full-blown upgrade and get custom printed phone cases. While there are tons of designer brands that you can get from the mall, sometimes they’re often costly and lacks durability.

So you’d be wise to choose a brand that cares about your preference, knows your style, and can make your dream design come to life at an affordable price!

Custom Printed Phone Cases 

What material are custom printed phone cases made from? Personalised phone cases are commonly made from plastic, carbon fiber, metal, leather, and silicone components.



Whether you believe it or not, a phone case is as important as your mobile phone. Having no phone case is like going to battle without wearing any armor. What happens if you have no protective gear? Well, you die.

In this case, your PHONE dies. Not clothing it with protection makes your mobile phone susceptible to various hazards.

To highlight more on its importance, here are the TOP 10 reasons why you need to purchase, without reservation, your very own customised phone cases.


Marketing your brand

If you are an entrepreneur who runs a business, personally customising your phone case is the way to go! Why? Not only does it speak so much volume in marketing your brand but it also flaunts the kind of business you are operating on.

It makes business transactions popularly visible and it embodies the kind of workforce you have — professional, organized, and capable.

This simple tweak on your business will result in a macro-level change, such as a sales increase and more leads swarming into your brand because visuals and branding merchandise don’t only show off brand identity but also entice the target audience to check out your business in greater heights.


Provides Protection

More than its decorative feature, the main function of a phone case is to, ultimately, protect the phone from scratches, food spills, and damage. Most of all, it’s a phone case’s job to receive the impact when a phone accidentally falls. This way, your mobile phones receive lesser damage.

Besides, buying a high-quality personalised phone case will give an extra layer of protection to your digital device.



They not only pose as an aesthetic figure, but they are also trendy and simply timeless. While keeping up with style and fashion, you’re able to maximize the full potential of how you want to design your phone case.

Your brand logo will also help customers remember your business. Take advantage of your brand’s signature and incorporate them in your phone cases give-away.


Perfect for any Style

Since customised phone cases come in various forms and designs, you can therefore use them for promotional marketing.

Utilise these designs according to your target audience’s preferences. They can be simple yet classy, elegant and colorful, or hippy. It’ll help you optimize brand awareness and widen the scope of your business.

People always love when they have designs tailor-made exclusively for them.



Custom made phone case designs aren’t only fashionable but affordable too! Especially when bought in bulk. Phone cases made from silicone, for instance, are durable, sturdy, and cheap.

Customers can buy over and over again without getting broke because they’re literally cost-effective — wallet-friendly.


Easy to Install

You won’t need a customer service representative to help you fit your phone because the covers are easy to use and install. If you are someone who bought two to three phone covers and fancy swapping them regularly, you can do so with ease.

It doesn’t take up too much time. Customers can enjoy this advantage.


Protects Side Buttons

Defective volume and power buttons is a common scenario for phone users who have used their device for almost a decade. Protecting your device will prolong its capacity to function well. This will also help minimise pressing the side buttons accidentally.

Sensitive screens aren’t a pretty sight. Phone cases can help alleviate this problem.


Easy Access to External Cords

Phone cases are fashioned to conveniently make it easy for users to attach different ports to their device. Whether these are cable cords, earphones, chargers, etc. So you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect fit because you can inform your designer beforehand regarding the model of your mobile device.


Can be Personalised with Photos

Overall, you can do so much with it! Regardless of whatever design you may have in mind.

Personalising your phone cover with photos means that the pictures you save on your phone are your treasures. So why keep it hidden from your storage device? Flaunt them through your personalised phone cases and leave your friends in awe.

Aside from personally using it to show off a picture of your family, friends, partners, pets, etc. you can even use it as a personalised gift for that special someone. You have the liberty.


Can be Personalised with Monograms/Quotes/Doodles

If you fancy getting creative calligraphy imprinted on your phone case, then by all means, please do so. It’s a perfect wedding gift if you have the initials of the bride and groom monogrammed, don’t you think so?

On the other hand, if you are a movie fanatic or you have a favorite quote you want the world to know, get those lines printed! And if you are someone who loves doodling, then what are you waiting for? Send us your designs and get them printed to your liking.

You can pick from a variety of designs — floral, aesthetic, or vintage designs. You name it and we’ll make it happen.


Getting Started with Girls That Print

These reasons should help you decide why there is a need for phone cases. As we all know, customised phone cases Australia give excellent protection, are wallet-friendly, fashionable, great for promotional marketing, and provide a dose of fun to those who receive them.

We, at Girls that Print are dedicated to providing you a service that will leave no room for disappointment. We offer high-quality products and services that are entitled and deserving of their worth.

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