Why Custom Drink Coasters are Trending


What are custom drink coasters?

If you have a fancy table or desk that you’d like to save from stains and scratches, then custom drink coasters is for you. 

Having it customized means you use superior quality prints and materials that could withstand all conditions. Whether you use it for cold or hot beverages, you’ll know that your coasters will not only protect your valued furniture but will also last longer for your personal and business use. 

There are many benefits to using custom drink coasters. That’s why today, using them is quite a trend.  Here are some of the benefits of using custom drink coasters

Benefits of using custom drink coasters

It boosts your business  

If you own a business like a bar, you can order a custom bar coaster. If you own a restaurant or cafe, you can put your brand logo and brand colour palette on your custom coasters. That way, people can see the brand elements and remember your business. They could recommend it to other people or simply become a loyal customer. 


You can give your loved ones a special gifts

With custom coasters, you can print a special memory or a special message. Engraving people’s names and warm lines can make an ordinary gift unique. It’ll feel more thoughtful and special, and you can personalize the colours and pictures based on who you’re giving them to.

You can use quality materials

You can ensure the use of the best rubber and hardboard materials to ensure that your personalized coasters are durable and high quality. 

You can choose your own design

Choose your own shapes and design with custom coasters.  Choose your own font and colour palette. Add a special picture or print, and you’ll surely love the outcome.

Prevent unsightly marks on your desk

A custom coaster is a high-quality coaster that prevents staining, denting, discolouration or scratches to your furniture. These stains may be fine if you’re seeing them on a cheap and broken table. But what if you’re using an expensive marble table you’d like to keep for a long time? You’d want to protect it from stains and discolourations using your custom coasters.

You can be original

Take the freedom of expression and create a design that best express your unique style and preferences. Let your guests and customers know a little more about you. Do you want to exude elegance? Do you want to prioritize practicality? Create a design that best expresses your style.

You can match it with your target customer

Aside from boosting your own brand, you can also take into account what your market likes. Do they relate to a certain message or prefer a certain colour? Do they like to be identified as sophisticated or practical? You’ll be surprised how much a person can relate to your brand through custom items like coasters.

Here are tips to create your own coasters: 

Finally, you now have a unique and affordable way to boost your brand image, promote new products or spread your brand message. And if you’re using it for a special occasion, you can get your orders within 24 hours. 


Make it a match to your furniture 

Is your furniture made out of wood? Is it made out of glass or marble? Before creating your own coasters, it’s nice to observe what kind of design would highlight the best features of your furniture. Would you like it to match colours, or perhaps you’d like it to have a different texture? If you’re prioritizing aesthetics when it comes to your coasters, always take into consideration the kind of furniture you’ll be using it on.


Match it to your purpose

There are many purposes as to why people make custom coasters. Do you want to build the identity of your brand? Do you want to send it as a gift to a special person? Do you want it as a gift for occasions like holidays, weddings and birthdays? Most of the time, the design of the coasters would highly depend on the occasion. For example, if you’re using custom coasters for the holiday, you might want to design them with some spooky details. 


Have clarity on your brand colours 

Custom coasters are a great way to build the identity of your brand. That means, the moment your customers see your coasters, they’ll remember your brand right away because they’re associating brand logos and brand colours with it. If you’re making custom coasters for that specific reason, it’s important to have clarity on the colours of your brand.


Prepare your brand logo 

Sometimes, building your brand identity can be as simple as putting your brand logo on your custom coasters. If your business is still starting out on branding, make sure to finalize the logo design before making a hundred coasters with the logo on it. You don’t want to make costly mistakes. 


Learn what the receiver of the gift likes

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re customizing coasters as a gift. To make your gift more thoughtful, it’s important to learn more about the receiver. What colour does she like? Does she like a specific design or specific quote? 


Choose your materials

To save more money in the long term, it’s important to use quality materials for your custom coasters.  Do you prefer using hardboard, plastic or leather? 


Communicate your design

Now that you have clarity on your purpose, it’s time to communicate your design to the crafters. You can prepare a sketch of it, or maybe a picture of the patterns you’d like to use. If there are any wordings you’d like to have, note them. Communicate it clearly, so you can have the best custom coaster for your needs.

Creating personalized coasters for your brand can be fun and exciting. Customizing can turn an ordinary coaster into an investment that’ll attract customers to your brand. These coasters can also make weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, holidays and birthdays eleven more special.

Boost your brand with every sip. Get your own custom drink coasters today by sending us a message.