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Custom Gift Box
Custom Gift Box
Custom Gift Box
Custom Gift Box
Custom Gift Box

Custom Gift Box

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Our luxe custom gift boxes can be customised on the exterior and the interior and feature a magnetic lid.

Box comes with your choice of shredded paper colour and a ribbon. 

Like our design but want to change something? Just enquire HERE and one of the girls will get back to you ASAP!


A Custom Gift Box for Every Occasion

If you are looking for something to make your present standout, custom gift boxes may be what you are looking for. A luxe gift box can make your gift extra classy and special.

If you are gifting someone dear, a custom printed gift box would be perfect for a more intimate and personal present. They are perfect to use as custom groomsmen gift box for weddings, Valentine's gifts, and other special occasions.

Individually, personalised gift boxes are great for presents on all occasions. But their benefits go beyond individual experience.

Customized gift boxes have been proven to play an important role in the success of businesses. It is for this reason that an increasing number of businesses are adopting its use.

Here at Girls that Print, our luxe gift box can be customised on both the exterior and the interior, and feature a magnetic lid to lock and secure valuable items.

For your custom gift box solutions, feel free to message us. Also check out our other custom collections.

5 Benefits of Custom Gift Boxes

If you are running a business or are planning to start one, consider these 5 benefits of having custom gift boxes.


Custom gift boxes can assist your new business in developing its own identity by having your label or company details printed on the box. Custom printed gift box allows your company to project itself in a way that would set it apart from competitors and deliver a specific message to be communicated to your customers - potential and existing.

Since everyone is unique, personalised gift boxes also make your customers feel more valued and appreciated. Having a sense of worth makes customers a fan of your products and share it with others, too.

High Quality

With custom gift boxes, you can ensure that the packaging box is produced and manufactured from top-quality material that can carry exclusive features such as durability and portability. Other than flexibility in design, strength and longevity of the box are few other common considerations.

Reusable and Environmentally Friendly

The excellent quality of our personalised gift boxes make them reusable in a variety of ways; the most common of which is repackaging of other items. In the hands of customers, they can also use it for storage of other things at home. Boxes are easy to store and stack, making them ideal to keep.

Helps with Brand Recognition and Brand Recall

Probably the most sought-after benefit of custom gift boxes with logo is recognition and brand recall. When your brand and label travels to places with your customers or when it is moving for transport, it is allowing potential customers to recognize and remember your brand easily. The more your brand becomes visible to people, the higher the probability of increased sales. It is like free advertising for your brand.


Hitting two birds with one stone, as they say, customizing your packaging for branding allows you to also gain the benefit of marketing. In a highly competitive market, you are constantly on the lookout for opportunities that will benefit you in every way. Paying for one product for the benefit of two surely brings a great advantage to a business and will keep it ahead of its competition.